Formed from a merger of NICTA and CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Division, Data61 is an Australian Government-backed and supported research centre of excellence for Data.

Data61 povides access to accelerated commercial-isation paths for disruptive cross-discipline research, intellectual property and ideas in the domain of Data, including the underlying systems and infrastructure, for the economic and societal benefit of Australia and the world.

Brandcraft’s initial brand strategy work culminated in the creation of the new name – 61 being the country identification code for Australia.

Data61 operates as a global network system of connected and collaborative organisations and people. At the core of the visual identity we created is a simple open-sided hexagon which expands into a infinitely tessellating hexagonal pattern representative of Data61’s ever-morphing and diverse global network of data-centric R&D.

The brand language and tone of voice we developed for Data61 was big, bold and future-focused.